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Video that works - This directory contains files both for dialup and broadband. If you download the broadband version you can make it into a VCD, pop it in your DVD player and Bob automatically becomes your uncle!

See this interview: Toy Love interview For information about the release of the Cuts Double CD.

Now, here's a song you probably haven't heard Unknown Toy Love song

I also have a tape called Toy Love at the Last Resort. It's quality is merely Ok but I might upload some tracks at some point. (Actually I can't because I don't have it on my DVD, but maybe Dave will email it to me :-)

Toy Love Last Resort Track list

01. Squeeze
02. The crunch
03. No matter what
04. I'm not bored I'm dead
05. I don't mind
06. Queing
07. What goes on
08. Fast ostrich
09. I wanna die with you
10. YYY
11. Don't catch fire
12. Jeepster
13. Ain't it nice
14. Sunny afternoon
15. Government health warning
16. Girl like you
17. Lust
18. Green walls

Some pictures

8_toy_love_sydney_sm.jpg 11_sydney_poster_sm.jpg chris_knox_tinfoil.jpg toy_love_state.jpg chris_knox.jpg

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