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If you have or are interested in a band put its name below and put in some info on it. Upload some music too (if you may).
You can upload as many songs as you like. Please note however that uploaded songs might be deleted at some point due to space restrictions. This is especially true if they aren't linked to on this site. If you don't want the possibility of this happening, email me your songs and I will try and put them in a special protected folder.

Music Info

Punk - I decided that this site should have more of a 'punk ethos', but first I had to find out what that was. Then I found this on someone's website.

The Local on Radio One

You can hear alot of New Zealand Music on The Local show on Radio One. Here are my recordings from it:


(in Alphabetical order please) Where songs can be downloaded artist is in bold

1stXV - Some insane springbok tour era NZ punk band.
Bridget Martin - NZ loving, American folk musician.
The Chills - Chart topping NZ, Dunedin sound band
The Clones - Dunedin, New Zealand alternative rock band.
The Doublehappys - Dunedin Punk / pop band from the 80s
The Enemy - New Zealand Punk band from the 70's.
Monkey Knife Fight - Dunedin Rock band
The Postgraduates - Wellington collective
Onanon - Current Dunedin, New Zealand Rock band.
Proud Scum - Auckland NZ Oi band of 'I am a Rabbit' fame.
Robin Bains's sex life- Hmm, How would you describe them exactly?
Scavengers - Auckland NZ punk band from the 70s.
The Spelling Mistakes - Auckland 70s punk band reformed a few years ago.
The Sproutts - Wellington, New Zealand pop/alternative band, current.
Suburban Reptiles - First Auckland punk band.
The Terrorways - New Zealand Punk band from the 70's (songs to download here!)
Toy Love - A band I had some interest in and did a website about a few years ago.
The Restrainers - Band I was in in 1998

Misc NZ bands - Bands that not enough is known about for them to have their own category at this stage.

Rare New Zealand releases

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