How to win lotto without buying a ticket

From Informationism


While it may seem like the person with a ticket has some kind of chance of winning whereas the person who does not have ticket has no chance of winning.

I believe it's not actually infinitely worse, the reason being that although it seems like someone without a ticket should have an infinitely worse chance of winning, there is a greater than zero chance that you will come to possess a ticket before the prize is claimed and therefore win the prize. For instance you might be walking along the street and find a lost or discarded ticket and thereby win.

Someone could also have posted you a ticket in the mail as a kind of random present.

The chances of these things happening are tiny - but the chance of winning in general is also tiny so since we are in general talking about tiny chances of winning it doesn't matter so much what method that tiny chance of winning is provided by.

There is a further way that you can effectively win without purchasing a ticket and that is to make contractual deals with people that if they ever win Lotto, they will give you (say) half of the winnings. That would mean that for a small initial outlay when someone is in a time of difficulty you can have a life long chance of winning!